2012 Esaote G-Scan Brio Weight Bearing MRI

Case Studies



During the Spring of 2021, Surplus Marketplace was referred by business colleagues to a private lender that needed asset redistribution services for a specialized imaging device. The unit was a 2012 Esaote G-Scan Brio Weight Bearing .25 Tesla MRI that needed to be sold in place at a property in San Antonio, Texas. While the secured lender had adequate time to hold a long auction, the unit itself is highly advanced, with a limited market of doctors who use the device across the United States. In addition, the property manager required strict removal parameters, including the use of a specific construction company to oversee the removal of the exterior of the building (walls, the roof) in order to transport the MRI.


The Surplus Marketplace team has specialized in reselling medical imaging equipment for more than 20 years; while we had never sold an Esaote MRI, we were up for the challenge of researching and finding the right buyers that would participate in the auction process. Prior to the start of the auction, the marketing team began researching the functionality of the unit and where it is used. With that knowledge, we were able to target specific end-users and other specialized resellers.

The auction was viewable online at SurplusMarketplace.com for a month between June and July. During that time, the marketing team contacted all the previously researched end-users, resellers, and, additionally, previous bidders that participated in imaging equipment auctions. The team also advertised the sale with search engine optimization (SEO) through Google Adwords. Throughout the sale, our team answered all interested parties’ questions and provided opportunities to inspect the MRI.



The online auction closed in late July with the final bid producing more than 3x the dollar amount that the lender had anticipated! The winning bidder worked diligently with Surplus Marketplace, the secured lender, and the property manager to ensure the smooth removal of the MRI. The process went on without a hitch, leaving everyone in high spirits over the successful auction.