Jump!Zone Party Play Center

Case Studies


During the Great Texas Snow Storm 2021 “Snowpocalypse”, Surplus Marketplace received a call from a long-standing banking client. They had a commercial 15,000 sq. ft. Jump!Zone inflatable entertainment venue that needed to be moved out of its current space the following week and have all assets liquidated. Failure to meet the deadline would have resulted in a loss of all assets in a forced landlord lockout.

Not only were we charged with clearing a space in a matter of days, but we also had the added obstacle of selling a business inventory of 1000+ lbs commercial-grade large inflatables, interactive arcade games, commercial foodservice appliances, office equipment, and furniture in the middle of a pandemic.


Under the tight schedule, our team immediately sprang into action. Since most of Texas was virtually shut down when the initial call came through, we could not perform a walkthrough to determine the full scope of work. The project had to be done sight unseen but given our team’s years of extensive logistical experience in managing multiple complete business, hospital, and industrial liquidations, we were comfortable and confident in the process.

Given the circumstances, a diligent and focused approach was necessary. With our expertise, we knew the importance of showcasing the inventory in use to maximize the value for our client. First, we photographed the assets for the online auction listings while on-site to ensure the equipment was shown in working order in their commercial environment. Next, we leveraged our longstanding relationship with a local commercial moving company in order to safely and diligently de-install the equipment, clear the space and move all the assets to a secured location in one business day; a task that was expedited to meet the needs of our Client.


With our combined decades of experience and expertise in remarketing specialty equipment, our team began to collectively research the target audience for each key category. We reached both resellers and end-users through targeted marketing techniques and social media advertisements.

The auction took place on our proprietary online auction website, SurplusMarketplace.com, for three weeks. Immediately, bids were being placed from returning and new bidders across all lot categories. When the auction closed, it brought more than double what was originally forecasted. Our team performed all of the accounting and removal procedures for our client; the entire full-auction process from the initial call to proceeds remittance took less than 60 days.



The Surplus Marketplace Team prides itself on making all facets of the auction process simple for all of our Buyers and Sellers, tailored to meet the Seller’s individual and specific needs. In this instance, our client (who is physically located in a different state) faced a forced lockout resulting in loss of assets, under the constraints of an unprecedented snowstorm during a pandemic. With no presence in Texas, we acted as a trusted, on-the-ground resource for them. We treat ourselves as an extension of their team. Our full-service approach eliminated any stress for our client, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day operations. Additionally, we provided an excellent opportunity for arcade game enthusiasts and like-businesses to purchase premium commercial-grade inflatables and gaming equipment.

At Surplus Marketplace, we strive to provide an opportunity for all parties involved to feel valued through our superior service and underlying values of integrity and trust. Mission accomplished!